this is for allll you dog mamas or pops.

It’s very common for dogs to suffer from anxiety & restlessness! Essential oils play such a big roll in my life so i figured why not implement them into my dogs lives! Young living has a whole line just for animals called “Animal Scents” which I highly recommend you getting!

My top 3 essential oils for your pups…


-T AWAY (part of the animal scents line)


Do about 5 drops of each of these in a 5 or 10 mil bottle and fill the rest with your favorite carrier oil (i use coconut oil) and there ya go! Use it before a car ride, a long day, or if you’re having a lot of people over! It’s almost amazing if you’re still training your dog. Both of mine are 9 months so we need all the help we can get haha! All of these oils will over all help their well being and personality!

Try it for yourself and let me know how you like it.

I also love Young Livings Animal Scents Ointment, especially during these dryer season (aka all of the time in UT). What i love to do is rub some animal scents ointment in my hand and do a few drops of either lavender or vetiver on my hands too! Then i rub it on their stomachs and paws!