where are you based out of? do you travel?”

I am based out of salt lake city, ut but travel all the time! I would love to come to you and your hometown! It’s always fun making it a little trip with you guys to document your love! I also travel out of the country.

“how many images do you include in your packages?”

I don’t necessarily have a set number on how many photos i send back. each package is different and catered to you! but let me tell ya, i am not shy when it comes to sending you all the goodies back. i don’t have a cut-off number either, these are moments i’m capturing for you so i promise you will get them all! sessions vary from 75-250 photos and weddings vary from 400-1000 photos!

“i see you offer both photo AND video, how do you do that at the same time? Can i book you for both?!”


NO, I’M TOTALLY KIDDING! WHEN YOU BOOK BOTH PHOTO & VIDEO I shoot the photo and my extremely talented husband, jeff, films the video! i edit the photos and both me and jeff edit the video! You can find more of our videos together here!

“…me and my significant other are awkward, but i love your photos! will you help pose us?!?”

i got you. i won’t leave you hanging at all! I won’t necessarily pose you but i will direct you to get some raw emotion and movement with you two! And i love playing some music while we shoot!

“so i’m booking with you but i’m out of state/country! how what does traveling and all that look like?”

So basically i have you cover round trip flights, transportation & stay and that’s it!! Typically i book the flights and just invoice you after! I find the cheapest & most convenient flight for both you and me! i just need the bare minimum! in the past, i have even stayed with the family for the weekend just to save you some money! I’m suuuper low maintenance. i have also had my couple just lend me their car (or an extra family car) for the weekend and cover a tank of gas, instead of worrying about getting a rental car! But it’s whatever is most convenient for you!! Before officially booking anything i always make sure you know exactly what the cost is!

“i’m completely lost and don’t really know what to look for or how to plan a wedding, will you help me haha!?”

honestly i would love to! i’m not an official wedding planner in the slightest butttt i’ve been to a ton of weddings so i have a good idea on how things run! I wanna help you any way i can!!

those are just a few questions…

I am an open book so if you have a question, just ask!