girl boss.

Thinking about doing the business but not sure? i totally get it!! Sometimes anything to do with business or even starting your own sounds very intimidating! Guess what, by deciding to start your oily business + spreading the word with young living… YOU ARE NOT ALONE. *weight lifted off shoulders*

This community is so rad and even more supportive. It’s amazing that we get to share our day-to-day oily lives, improve overall wellness, meet amazing people, and of course live a dream job!

i wanna kind of share how I got into the business side of Young Living and maybe you’ll relate! I’ve ALWAYS been into a healthy, natural + simple lifestyle and really did love sharing different ideas that others can live that way as well! i remember when i first got my starter kit and how stoked i was because it was another way i can improve my over all wellness. at the beginning, the whole business thing wasn’t on my mind (i had soo many other things going on i just “didn’t have time”…. lame excuse, i know) My best friend aka sista (oilsbytheoceanside) was doing the business and it really inspired me! I thought “why not get paid for sharing something that i’m already sharing and love?!” boom. right after that i was getting antsy to start the whole business side of it!!

the financial freedom that you can achieve with Young Living is insane and still blows my mind when i think about it!


-setting your own work hours

-working in your home and being able to spend that quality time with your kids or family

-supporting your family in ways you’ve dreamed of

-getting paid for something you are either already sharing about or LOVE

-being a part of something + an amazing community

not only will it change your life, but you’re changing others while doing it!

our team is here for you and we are here to help! we have so many educational opportunities on our Facebook group page including resources, free training + support and MORE. it’s really cool because you can take your whole journey at your own pace and we will be there every step of the way!

What can earning even an extra $1 thousand, $5 thousand, $15 thousand + A MONTH do for you and your family??

down below is Young Living’s disclosure statement and a little break down of the compensation plan! you can also find out more information here .

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