Summer Rae.

Hi! Iā€™m Summer Rae -

a golden girl bounced between the mountains of Utah and the beaches of Southern California my whole life. 

Whenever i go, my camera goes. I make it my job to capture those moments that would otherwise be lost or forgotten as life goes on. I am all about chasing love. Capturing those moments we wish we could bottle up. I put my heart into my photography and videography. 

i love capturing the pure love... the real love... the authentic love that you and your soul mate have. Whether that be with photos or video. My heart beats faster every time I capture the giggles, the tickles, the twirling, the squeezing, the playful, the real side of your love (not the fake cheesy posed smiles) 

A picture of that perfect couple that makes you feel more in love yourself? Or a picture of a newborn that literally makes you smell their little feet? (hahah I know you know what i'm talking about) Or a picture of you and your lover that makes you hear your giggles through the screen? Yeah... i take those ;) 

Lets kick it, while I click it ;) hahahah I laughed while typing that last line. 

based in Salt Lake City. WILLING & would LOVE to travel āœˆ

this is me and my husband, Jeff.  photo by the amazing India Earl

this is me and my husband, Jeff.

photo by the amazing India Earl